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The choir performed a Sacred programme in the Pantheon. Included in the performance was the Agnus Dei composed by Irish composer Ciaran Hope who traveled from Ireland to be with us. There was an impromptu sing in St. Peter's Square following an audience with Pope Francis. The choir performed in concert in St. Patrick's with Cora Colachicci from Rome.

Cork International Choral Festival

The choir were awarded 1st Prize in the National Mixed Voice Competition.


Performed the Faure Requiem with Dunmore Church Choir in Dunmore, Co. Galway and in The North Cathedral, Cork. The Italian Choir, Cora Colachicci, also participated in the Cork concert.


Together with the Goethe Institute Choir Dublin and East Cork Choral Society, Viva Voce performed in the Opening Gala Concert of the Cork International Choral Festival. The works performed were In Praise of a City by Bernard Geary and Clare’s Dragoons by Aloys Fleischmann. The performance was led by the Band of the Defence Forces and was conducted by Lt. Col. Mark Armstrong.


The choir are travelling to the Derry International Choir Festival and will compete in the National Mixed Voice, and National Popular, Jazz, and Gospel Music competitions.

Viva Voce has been selected as the Munster representatives for the project An Island Sings with the Association of Irish Choirs and Chamber Choir Ireland. This involves the composer Elaine Agnew, and the poet Jessica Traynor, who will co-compose a work for performance by the choirs of the four provinces and CCI in the National Concert Hall in the National Concert Hall in March



Concert in London in Spring 2020